Below is a brief description of the therapies that are offered, they can be put into four broad groupings.

  1. Remedial therapies - therapies which use a modern medical theoretical framework to treat mainly musculoskeletal conditions. Examples - remedial  and sports massage.

  2. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) therapies - these therapies use the traditional chinese medical theories to understand, assess, diagnose and treat. They work by promoting homeostatic balance and unblocking stagnation and treat conditions of all of the bodily systems, internal as well as musculoskeletal. Example - acupuncture.

  3. Energy healing therapies - use intuitive perception and vibrational energy field principles. They are particularly good with mental and emotional issues. Example - reiki.

  4. Holistic relaxation therapies - work mainly by inducing a physiological relaxation response, they calm and de-stress the system. Example - reflexology.

"The broad categories above can help to understand the different approaches but often in practice I use a combination of these where appropriate "

acupuncture stoke on trent


Acupuncture is the art of insertion of very fine disposable sterile steel needles into precise points in order to regulate the function of the internal organ and nervous system & to stimulate the circulation of the body’s energy (qi) & blood. It is when the qi & blood stagnates that pain and disease occurs in the body; acupuncture often combined with massage aims to release this stagnation and pain.

Detailed questioning as well as pulse and tongue diagnosis help the therapist to reach a diagnosis of the patient's imbalances from a TCM perspective.

Scientific research is proving the efficiency of acupuncture in the relief of many conditions including pain and arthritis but also internal conditions such as digestive, respiratory and infertility problems. Most patients find this therapy pain free.

TREATS - Pain, musculoskeletal, dermatological, infertility, digestive conditions, emotional imbalances, sinus, hayfever, fatigue, arthritis, depression, insomnia, more.

COMBINATION - Stand alone or with massage, electro acupuncture, reiki or tuina.

remedial masage stoke on trent
Remedial massage & Manipulative therapy

This type of therapy is designed to treat specific soft tissue problems. Repetitive strain conditions are effectively treated as are strains, sprains, muscular spasm, aches, pains, muscular tension, work and sport related injuries.

Massage techniques are used to apply quite a forceful and deep pressure which get right to the heart of the problem, releasing tension, spasm and relieving pain, restoring normal tissue functioning and range of movement.

Manipulative therapy works alongside remedial massage and involves mobilsation techniques to encourage the release of spasm and the restoration of restricted joint movement.

TREATS - All musculoskeletal conditions -chronic & acute, spinal conditions, spondylosis, spasm, pain, neck, back, shoulder and knee problems, sciatica, arthritis.

COMBINATION - Acupuncture, ultrasound, electro acupuncture, MET's.

sports massage stoke on trent

Sports massage

Sports massage is the application of deep massage and stretching techniques to treat or help to prevent injuries.

The treatment is designed to accelerate tissue repair, release excessive muscle tension, improving tissue flexibility and relieve aching and fatigue.

The treatment can help to improve athletic performance, many athletes use massage as part of pre- event preparation or post event recovery as well as to treat their injuries.

This massage is usually a deep massage, focusing on the main areas of concern, often muscle length tests are given during initial assessment to assess which muscles need the work the most.

TREATS - Sport injuries of all types plus general conditioning and injury prevention.

COMBINATION - Stand alone or with ultrasound, MET stretches or acupuncture.

bowen technique stok on trent
Bowen technique

The Bowen Technique is a gentle but effective remedial therapy. The treatment uses a gentle rolling technique over muscles, tendons and other soft tissues. Working through the fascia and nervous system it activates processes that rebalance and reset the tension levels in the muscles thus releasing excess tightness and spasm.

It is non invasive (given through light clothing), there’s no contraindications that would prevent anyone being able to receive the therapy, It is ideal for anyone as no heavy pressure or pain is involved.

As well as focusing on specific areas of concern Bowen also aims to rebalance the whole body. Often three or four weekly sessions are sufficient to give lasting relief.

TREATS - Musculoskeletal conditions, tension, spasm, pain, stress, headaches

COMBINATION - Stand alone or combines well with reiki where stress is also issue.

reiki stoke trent

Energy healing/ Reiki

This particular healing system originated from Japan over a century ago.

This is a subtle and gentle therapy that can have a  profound effect on every aspect of a person, depending on what the persons really needs.

It works by clearing congestion within the bioenergetic field which emanates from the physical body. This has the effect of making you feel clear, calm, uplifted & lighter in spirit.

Very good for anyone that feels stressed, unbalanced or out of sorts as we all do at times. Although subtle most clients can clearly feel the reiki energy working.

TREATS - Stress, emotional conditions, depression, fatigue, convalescents, emotional healing & balancing, pain, cancer support, promoting positive outlook and changes

COMBINATION - Stand alone or with Bowen, or in short bursts in other therapies.

chinese massage stoke on trent
Chinese acupressure massage (tuina)

Tuina (twee-nar) is traditional Chinese medical acupressure massage therapy. It uses mainly deep, repetitive, rhythmical oil free pressure to release tight & fibrous muscle tissue and stagnation within the tissues to treat pain and musculoskeletal conditions & injuries. It combines deep tissue massage, mobilisation & manual pressure stimulation of acupuncture points using the theoretical framework of traditional Chinese medicine.

This therapy has developed over thousands of years and is currently used in modern day Chinese hospitals instead of physiotherapy to treat mainly musculoskeletal conditions and also childhood diseases.

TREATS - All musculoskeletal conditions, tension, spasm, pain.

COMBINATION - Used on it’s own or combined with acupuncture & cupping.

reflexology in stoke


Reflexology is a natural therapy using pressure point massage on the feet. Through the stimulation of these reflex areas, the whole body can be treated and brought back into balance, reflexology can therefore be used to benefit a great number of different disorders, especially stress related ones. It is considered that stress plays a role in 80% of all disease

Stress, headaches, back & neck ache, sinus problems, hormonal imbalances, irritable bowel syndrome are conditions that tend to respond particularly well to reflexology but often it is just used as a powerful & relaxing general tonic to health & well being.

TREATS - Stress and relaxation, sinus and digestive problems, emotional balancing.

COMBINATION - Usually stand alone therapy

electro acupuncture in stoke on trent
physiotherapy stoke on trent
Electro acupuncture

A more recent development in acupuncture as been the use of electricity to increase its potency in treating pain conditions. Research has clearly shown that the use of electro acupuncture devices connected to the inserted needles increases pain killing effects.

TREATS - Mainly use when treating painful conditions

COMBINATION - Works only with acupuncture.


Ultrasound therapy

Ultrasound is the best form of heat treatment for soft tissue injuries. Sound waves are emitted through the treatment head which have an effect of reducing inflammation and pain as well as accelerating tissue repair.

TREATS - Strains, sprains, bursitis, tendonitis, pain, inflammation.

COMBINATION - alongside massage and other remedial therapy

moxibustion stoke on trent



Cupping is a method of treatment in Chinese Medicine (TCM), which involves the use of special glass cups. A vacuum is created inside the cups and placed onto the body of the patient, a therapeutic effect is achieved by the suction effect on the skin and underlying tissues, it helps to improve the blood circulation and remove toxins.

TREATS - Muscular tension, circulatory stagnation, clearing and detoxifying

COMBINATION - Tuina, massage, acupuncture.


Moxibustion is traditional therapy involving burning moxa (mugwort) near to the skin. . Moxibustion works by improving the circulation of Qi and Blood, warming the channels, relieving pain and boosting the immune system.

TREATS - used to help to turn breech baby, musculoskeletal pain and stiffness.

COMBINATION - Can be used alone or traditionally with acupuncture.

hydrotherm massage in stoke on trent


Gentle relaxing body massage with blended aromatic oil.​ Back neck and shoulders or full body.

TREATS - General relaxation, stress, minor muscular tension.

COMBINATION - Stand alone therapy, often with head massage. Aromatherapy oils used in all massages.

Hydrotherm massage

Relaxing medium depth full body massage whilst lying on heated water filled cushions.

TREATS - General relaxation, minor  muscular tension and stress

COMBINATION - Stand alone for 45 mins or a 90 mins version including head massage, reflexology and reiki - called total stress buster.

indian head masasge stoke on trent
indian head masasge stoke on trent

​Indian Head massage


A wonderfully deeply relaxing head, neck & shoulder massage using aromatic oils.

TREATS - General relaxation, shoulder tension, headaches.

COMBINATON - Stand alone therapy or 5 minutes given with other therapies.

Hopi ear candles

A relaxing therapy that involves safely burning special hollow tube candles in ears.

TREATS - Removes excess ear wax, unblocks sinus/ nasal, before flying to prevent ear pain.

COMBINATION - Often with Head massage, acupressure, acupuncture.