Below are a selecton of testimonials given by previous patients. They are word for word what they wrote. They have been selected for inclusion on the website to demonstrate both the range of conditions treated and therapies offered as well as the positive results typically experienced.

In most cases, patients find that they also get similar responses and health improvements as these.



"I have recently had IVF treatment for the second time after my first attempt failed. I needed to do something different the second time round and had read that acupuncture can really improve the chances of success. I wanted someone who had experience in fertility and so after doing my research I chose Sean.


Straight away Sean tailored my treatment to meet my needs, asking a great number of questions to ensure the diagnosis was correct. He put his trust in me and sent me a book and some herbs in the post immediately to make sure I understood everything about the treatment and also a lifestyle change to enhance my chances of success.

I was slightly nervous at first but Sean's professionalism soon put me at ease and I have even overcome my fear of needles. He used a fine tuned treatment plan for just a short number of weeks and the idea was to help improve egg quality. My husband also had a couple of treatments to improve sperm quality.

When I had egg collection, all of the eggs fertilised and some were even good enough to be frozen which hadn't happened previously and I truly believe that the acupuncture was the key. Anyway the outcome of this IVF treatment is that I am now pregnant. Thank you Sean because if it wasn't for you I don't think this would have happened."

Mrs Lyndsey - August 2011

Acupuncture & Acupressure

Hayfever & Knee pain

"I started visiting Sean with knee problems. On one of my visits I was suffering really badly with hay fever. Sean suggested that he try acupuncture on me, to aid with the hay fever.

Treatment was commenced and I noticed a difference immediately, but I still went back for a couple more treatments as recommended by Sean. I am noticing a great difference; I can mow the lawns etc. without any ill effects.

My 10 year old daughter came home one day suffering very badly with her hay fever. I called Sean and asked if there was anything he could do for her. Sean recommended acupressure, which is less invasive for children. It is the same treatment, but without needles.

We took her to see him the following day and the treatment was commence, we noticed great results from it over the next few days. She has seen Sean for a further two treatments and is now managing on a daily basis, without prescribed medications, etc.

If you suffer from hay fever, I would strongly recommend you call Sean, for advice as he has certainly improved mine and my daughter’s quality of life plus i no longer get knee pain."

Andrew Brown - July 2011

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Remedial Massage

Back & Shoulder Pain

The Bowen Technique

Migraine & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

"After just one visit to Sean for a remedial Massage on my back I could tell the difference. All of the aches and pains that I had suffered for many months had started to ease. After just a couple more treatments I felt like I had a new back.

He is incredible, and I would recommend him highly to anyone. I still go occasionally for what I call my 'monthly tune up' to keep my back from seizing up again from the heavy work that I do. Each time I leave feeling re-invigorated.

Carry on the good work Sean."

John Heesom (2008)

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The Bowen Technique

Whiplash & Psychological trauma

"I began a course of Bowen Therapy whilst unable to work, due to constant migraine, neck and eye pain. I was also suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and was hardly able to get out of bed for 6 weeks.

I found Bowen to be a very gentle, relaxing and energising treatment; providing immediate results. After several treatments, all of my symptoms began to ease and have continued to improve.

I now feel able to do more of my normal activities and plan to return to work."

Jenny Yates, Mow cop, Staffordshire. (April 2006)






Massage & Acupuncture

Tennis Elbow / RSI

"I went to see Sean for the Bowen Technique after a car accident left me with whiplash injuries. The accident was caused by a "hit and run" driver which also left me mentally and emotionally traumatised.

It came at a time when I was already having to cope with other things in my life so, could not afford to be ill.

I had three treatments and from the first treatment I could feel the results were positive. At the first treatment I was unable to rotate my neck fully from right to left and unable to fully move my neck upwards. After the first treatment the rotation improved. At the end of the third treatment the rotation was 100% improved, my emotional state was back to normal and six weeks after the accident I returned to work as fit as I was before the accident.

I am under no illusion that this was a result of having this treatment as I had been in a car accident 15 years ago and had been unable to return to work for 10 months. I shall be forever grateful to Sean and would recommend him to others with no hesitation."

Olwyn Jones (2006)

"I have been a Secretary for the past 30 years and have never suffered with an RSI injury until April 2012, my right forearm and elbow became very painful and I was unable to use it in a normal way. I struggled to type and to drive, it was so painful. I went to the Doctor and was diagnosed with Tennis Elbow, and was told to take painkillers and not to use my arm, which was ridiculous as it is my career.

After struggling for another 6 months the condition was no better and it was seriously affecting my career and life. I decided to make an appointment with a physiotherapist, I found Sean. After 2 visits to Sean my arm was starting to improve the pain was reducing. After 5 sessions of physio and acupuncture my arm was almost back to normal, the pain had gone and I was able to use my arm properly for the first time in 7 months. Sean also gave me advice and tips on how to manage the condition so that it would have a minimal impact on my career.

I can thoroughly recommend Sean and will definitely use him again."


Lynne Cressy (Jan 2013)

Bowen & Massage


Hydrotherm Massage

Stress & Emotional Balancing

"I had been having trigger point massages for a few months, which really help my myofascial pain, especially around the shoulder blades where my pain is worst. Sean recommended that I give the Bowen technique a try. I was reluctant to try something other than the trigger point massage, because it does help me so much, but Sean explained very well the reasoning behind the Bowen technique and the way that it would affect my body so I decided to give it a go.

I was amazed at the end of the first session. I had not felt so relaxed for years and years. My body felt so much better aligned and the pain that was usually so severe in my shoulders was hugely reduced. I must admit that during the session I had been a bit sceptical because I felt as though my body was being manipulated less than when I have a trigger point massage, so I expected the benefit to be less – but when I stood up, I couldn’t believe how great I felt! Best of all, the relief lasted for several days, which as any fibromyalgia patient knows is a very big deal! To be honest, I’d go to Sean for the Bowen technique even if I knew that the relief only lasted for a day, because the level of relief that it gives me is so wonderful. The Bowen technique also really helps with my breathing, which is often shallow, due to muscle knots around my rib cage. I find that I breathe much more deeply for several days after a Bowen session. The improvement in my breathing and pain levels mean that I find it easier to get to sleep and to stay asleep. I don’t wake up in pain or gasping for breath.

I have recommended Sean to friends and family and will definitely continue to do so in the future, for both the Bowen technique and trigger point massages."

Holly Fraser, 21, Keele (March 07)



Crohn's disease

​"I suffer from Crohn’s disease- a chronic bowel & digestive disorder which is annoying, uncomfortable & causes abdominal pain, bloating & diarrhoea.

It was suggested that I consult Sean Vaughan of “healing Hands”, which I did so. My first visit being 18th May 2009, he offered 5 sessions of acupuncture treatment; during these 5 sessions I found my stomach pain & swelling reduced, making me more comfortable.

I no longer awoke with a desperate need to go to the toilet straight away, when I did go to the toilet later I no longer had the diarrhoea for the first time in over 10 years.

I found Sean to be sensitive, extremely professional & helpful, he also explained exactly what he was doing & why he was using the particular points that he used.

I would recommend anyone with health problems to attend his clinics.

Christine Leigh – Staffordshire (May 2009)

The Bowen Technique

Ankle pain

​​​"Having had a neck, shoulder & ankle problem for a while, i thought i would try the Bowen therapy treatment.

Although, in my case, lifting at work and being on my feet for very long periods doesn't help. The pain in my ankle was giving me most cause for concern.

I found the treatment to be very relaxing and of great benefit to my foot and ankle, as the pain was too much some days. Thankfully now I am pain free."

Susan Pickering, Fenton (2007)

Reiki & Acupuncture

Psychological / Emotional Disturbance

​​​''I have been treated by Sean on several occasions with Acupuncture and Reiki. He is a deeply intuitive and talented healer. I highly recommend him''

Ruth Laver, Newcastle under Lyme (2013)

"I honestly don't know what i would do without Healing Hands. I first met Sean Vaughan 2 years ago whilst recieving treatment at Hoar Cross Hall health spa. I have been attending his private clinic in Newcastle every two months since. I travel from Manchester where clinics and therapists are plentiful because there is something special about Healing Hands.

Sean has extensive qualifications in such a wide range of therapies that he is able to treat just about anything:- specific injuries, stress, tension or emotional trauma. I generally book an appointment simply for relaxation but if i arrive with an additional problem he knows exactly what to do - often applying multiple disciplines to the case.

Sean's waterbed massage is the most relaxing experience i have ever had. It undoes all my aches and pains, stresses and tension but more than that it helps me reach a place of peace and inner calm within myself.

Over the two years i have suffered some traumatic events in my life. I tend to suppress the resulting deep emotional pain within myself. My emotions often come flooding out during sessions, but he knows exactly how to help me deal with them. He is compassionate and respectful. He empathises in a way than leads me to unload. Healing Hands is just that - Clever, sensitive hands that heal all pain. I always leave feeling that the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders. My soul can fly again."

Adele Firth , Manchester (June 06)

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Chronic knee pain

"At 24 years of age and with a passion for sport and fitness it would seem unthinkable that this person would be unable to climb a flight of stairs, to stand up from a chair, sit in a car or even spend time shopping without pain – and for ten years. This was me four weeks, and four sessions ago.

Having been a competitive dancer and gymnast for most of my life I had resigned myself to the belief that this pain was part and parcel of my craft, my increasing years and my drive to continue training despite my ever growing discomfort. When I first visited Sean I was highly sceptical that after living in chronic pain and discomfort for so long he would be able to ease my symptoms – and I thought that at this point I would be heading to a consultant for the prospect of knee surgery.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. Over the past month I have received acupuncture, tapping, massage and ultrasound alongside exercises to do at home to improve my knees long term. In my first session even the bare minimal examination caused severe discomfort and my knees were of somebody aged much older but i am only 18! In such a small space of time ALL of my ache, pain and discomforts have been removed, almost unbelievable if it were not for Sean’s many credentials and qualifications.

It is as though my knees have stepped back in time - I would recommend him to anyone without hesitation. Sean Vaughan indeed does have ‘Healing Hands’."

- Katie whalley (March 2011)


Chronic lower back degeneration

"I found sean to be very meticulous in his approach, and over the course of acupuncture all of my symptoms have improved greatly. When I had my first consultation with sean I was suffering badly from a long standing back problem which was causing cramp like feelings in my right leg and pins & needles in both feet. both problems had become almost constant.

Over the course of treatments my condition has become a lot less painful, the cramps in my right leg have become a lot less frequent & I only get pins & needles if I stand in the same position for over half an hour whereas before it was 10 minutes maximum. overall I found the therapy was carried out in a professional & caring manner."

Patrick Toft (March 09)

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Remedial Massage

Cervical Spondylosis & Spasm

​​​''Sean, many thanks for your very skilled treatment, my neck has been fine since the remedial massage session that you gave me''

Steve Huison (Eddie Windass - Coronation Street actor - 2013)

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Ultrasound & electro Acupuncture

Osgood Slater's Disease

​​​ "I am the father of a 14 Year old boy Involved in high intensity and demanding sports activities who unfortunately has been struggling with pain in his left knee and left Tibial bone, in a way that he couldn't move his knee and leg properly!

However and due to some important sports events coming soon I decided to start looking for the help of a professional. After some research I decided to take him to Sean and it couldn't be better.

Sean worked his magic and right after the first visit my Son was not only able to walk better with no pain, but now has won some new titles to his sports CV but also feels more confident when is time to compete!

The high standards of treatment provided by Sean, the advice and professionalism plus the fact that he is a really nice friendly Gentleman makes me very pleased with the choice I've made. I truly recommend Sean's services".

Mario Santos  (July 2017)​​


Psychological / Emotional Disturbance

​​​''Sean, thank you so much for everything that you are doing for me, you've turned my life around and given me my life back again. I'm starting to feel like my old self again. thank you so much''

Doreen Moran, Newcastle under Lyme (2018)

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Hay Fever

​​​''I just thought that i would drop you a note to let you know that my husband Mark (who you treated last year for hay fever), has had zero symptoms so far this year. This is incredible for him as he would normally have dust allergy symptoms all winter and then start with severe symptoms with tree, grass and flower pollen starting in early spring and lasting for all summer, we just wanted to thank you so much for your help with this and to let you know how successful it had been''

Nicola Milner (on behalf of husband Mark - 2020)

Manipulative Therapy

Severe Chronic Back Pain

​​​''Since January 2010 i have suffered with severe pain in my lower L5/S1 discs. If i was asked to score out of 10, how much pain I was in I would have given 10 every time. I have been on numerous types of medication up to the maximum dosage.


I was referred by a friend, who saw me every day in tears of pain, to visit Healing Hands and I can honestly say I wish I had met Sean years ago. By using musculoskeletal therapies and acupuncture I am please to say that my condition has 100% been successful.


Thanks to Sean I am no longer requiring surgery at this stage. There were some hard choices to make in my life as the surgery was not 100% guaranteed and could of caused more issues later on in life''.

Nicholas Bloor (2017)

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"Hello Sean, It's Lisa Shaw who you did the fertility acupuncture for when i was going through IVF- Just wanted you to know it worked !!

I'm currently 20 weeks pregnant and all is great. Thank you for all that you did.

Lisa Shaw (March 2019)

Massage & Acupuncture

Shoulder Injury

​​​''Appointment made for my son who had little use on his shoulder, he had been off work for 12 weeks because of it. My son had 3 sessions with Sean with amazing results thank you, Sean, for all your help and support. I will not hesitate to recommend you.

This clinic is amazing.''

Pamela ( on behalf of son -2017)

Electro Acupuncture & Massage

Rhumatoid Arthritis

"Before going to healing hands I've suffered from chronic pain for many years and on lots of painkillers and other medication everyday, for rheumatoid arthritis in my legs, hips and back. Most mornings I couldn't even get out of bed but since visiting Sean on 4 occasions, who carried out massage and electro acupuncture, I no longer need painkillers and am able to move around and do things and go to places I never thought were possible, I can even sit on the floor playing with my grandchildren, he has changed my life immensely and I would recommend him to anyone who suffers any type of aches or pains.


Mandy Basson (2018)

Electro Acupuncture & Massage


​​​''Good for sciatica. After 5 sessions, 2 a week for first 2 weeks if pretty much had gone''

Jenna Preston  (2018)

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Manipulative Therapy

Back Pain

​​​''Sean’s treatment is pure magic. Don’t even think about going anywhere else.''

Tim Garcia, Newcastle under Lyme (2013)

sports massage leg 1.jpg
Manipulative therapy


​​​''Totally professional, the treatment I'm receiving is excellent, he totally understands and listens to any anxieties- he has 100% commitment to treating my ailment and getting me 100% better from sciatica'​'

Geoffrey Dixon (2020)

Massage & Acupuncture

 Chronic pain 

​​​''Sean really is very good at his job, very professional, nice relaxing therapy room. I have been to 4/5 different Doctors that just told me it's nothing take painkillers!


Sean told me the problem and has done more for my problem in two sessions highly recommend Sean 5 star treatment and really knows his stuff..''

Charlotte Reynolds (2016)

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Electro Acupuncture & Massage

Back Injury

​​​''I came for a back issue. He is very Professional and with great results! Definitely recommended''

Evi Tsizlaki (2018)

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Sports Massage

Neck & Shoulder Tension

​​​'This time last week I was in absolute agony with my neck and shoulder....what a difference a week makes!! Thanks Sean''

Rachel Walton (2015)

Massage & Acupuncture

Painful Neck

​​​'I must admit wasn't to sure if it would work but after only 3 goes there is a massive difference would highly recommend x''

Sarah Isles (2019)